Are you struggling getting Vegan Presents?

Ok Christmas is over so all the vegan presents on the High Street are being replaced with the usual spring time gifts. So if you are like me with a girlfriend whose birthday is in July the sadly you are left searching the internet for that something special. In my research I thought I could buy her an all inclusive holiday to somewhere warm with sea, sand and glorious sunshine. Sounds good yeah! But before I knew I was faced with the problem – All inclusive! she won’t be able to each most of the dishes on the menu.

It really need to be somewhere not too far away but as I mentioned she likes the sun. I looked on the internet for lots of vegan holidays but found that they tended to be more geared for the fitness fanatics and weren’t really a relaxing holiday. I found Skiing hols, camping hols, spa hols, however I finally found out that the Balearic islands were really friendly towards the vegan lifestyle. I particularly found that Majorca had lots of restaurants that advertised a vegan menu.

Vegan Presents

Vegan Presents in Majorca

I eventually decided to buy a touring holiday which involved travelling across Majorca visiting the many areas which supported the vegan lifestyle. I was encouraged in finding that there were many vegan friendly restaurants. However I wanted to know what they were like so I looked for different review on the restaurants before booking them in advance of the holiday.

I planned the holiday around the booking of restaurants and then booked in to some hotels along the route.

You may ask think well that is the evening meals sorted what about the day though? Well there was a fantastic variety. Gluten free bagels and croissants and even pastries were available in most bakeries at a reasonable few Euros so that was the day sorted. We drank vegan coffee and ate our pastries basking in the sunshine enjoying the traditional Balearic tunes.

The holiday was fantastic. What a treat! My girlfriend was so impressed with the effort I had made and to be honest it became a holiday of a lifetime. Of you are looking for Vegan Presents give this one a go it is wonderful.


My Change to Vegan Cosmetics

When I first went Vegan I thought it would be just giving up the eating of meat and buying leather products. However I soon realised that veganism is just a diet but it is all about saving the lives of animals and to do this I needed to think earnestly about everything I was using. I found that there were so many ingredients in some of the products we use everyday which come from dead animals. I was surprised that this was even more so when it came to cosmetic and I became obsessed with finding out about Vegan Cosmetics.

Lets be honest who wants to cover their body with the left overs of dead animals. But that is what I was doing everyday. I needed to make a drastic change to the products I was purchasing including everything from skincare, makeup and even shampoos. However, what I initially needed to do was find out what was in the cosmetics I was using.

What’s in Non Vegan Cosmetics?

I firstly started looking in my makeup bag and the first product I looked at was my lipstick or should I say lipsticks. I was amazed that each one I picked up had Beeswax in it. Then in my red lipstick there was this product called Carmine which I found out was made by grinding up insects. oh my this is disgusting, I’m thinking am I putting mushed up insects on my lips. Yuck!
My mascara also contained elastin and allantoin which came from cows.

I needed to look into buying cruelty free vegan cosmetics. This meant two things really. Number one was that the products needed to have not been tested on animals. This was really important to me as I had read about labs which had caged rabbits which had been tortured and with chemicals. Number two was that the cosmetics needed to have no ingredients which came from animals and I found that there were plenty of websites which listed each ingredient and it’s source. But it’s not just about this as there are so many other positive reasons for changing to cruelty free cosmetics. My skin is very sensitive and changing to these cosmetics meant that my skin was totally free of any harsh chemicals which could cause me to have break outs and blemishes. After using the new cosmetics for a while I found that I no longer had pimples and my eczema flareup were greatly reduced. I would recommend a change to the vegan alternative products as they have so many holistic benefits.